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Founded in 1993, Webfoot is now one of the most experienced game developers in the industry. Webfoot’s first games ran under Microsoft®DOS and included such titles as TwinBlok®, Tronic®, H2O®and Interpost®. Windows 3.1®titles followed including the cult-classic Erik Hermansenn’s D.R.O.D.®, Deadly Rooms of Death.

In the years that followed, Webfoot has developed a catalog of titles across multiple platforms. Dozens of casual and arcade games have been released for Nintendo Gameboy Advance®, Nintendo DS®, Nintendo Wii®, Windows®and Apple®Macintosh and iPhone® by publishers such as THQ®/Valuesoft®, Atari®, GT Interactive®, Wizard Works®, Cosmi®, eGames®, Sybex®, Greenstreet Software®, and MacSoft®. These titles include the ever popular Frog Frenzy®, Super Huey III®, Pinball Master®, Crystalize® and Texas Hold’em High Stakes Poker®.

More recently, Webfoot has expanded its development capabilities and has been creating software for the popular Apple iPad® and iPhone®, and Nintendo®console platforms such as the Nintendo Wii®, Nintendo DS®, and Gameboy Advance®. Products released include the best-selling series of hit games for Atari®based on the Dragon Ball Z®television series. Other licensed games include Tonka®Trucks, My Little Pony®, Hello Kitty®, Fancy Nancy®, and American Girl®.


Webfoot develops video games and state-of-the art 3D engines for Nintendo Wii®, Nintendo Dual Screen®, Gameboy Advance®, Windows®, Apple iPhone® iPad® Macintosh® OSX, Linux®, PalmOS®, and PocketPC® platforms. These products are available through both retail and online channels.

In addition, the Webfoot team has created a suite of tools for quickly creating breathtaking software at an unprecidented pace. These tools also allow for portability to a variety of platforms, including Windows®, Macintosh®, Linux®, and JAVA®based systems.

The Webfoot team also has experience creating games on other platforms including the 3DO®, Sega Genesis®, CPC, Amiga®, and Sony Playstation®.


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If you would like to distribute or re-sell our products, or if you would like to hire our team to develop a new game, please contact us at:

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